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Peace with Justice Sunday - Overview

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Peace with Justice Sunday - June 15, 2014 (also can be celebrated at anytime)

your GIFT TODAY . . . Helps Spread The Gospel of Peace and Encourage Cooperation.

Your Generous Gifts support:

  • Peace with Justice ministries in your local annual conference
  • Peace with Justice ministries in the U.S and Globally. These funds are distributed by the General Board of Church and Society.












“Community mediation centers are a great way for neighbors to resolve disputes. Rather than resorting to conflict, violence or the courts, people bring their issues to a volunteer mediator.”

—THE REV. EUGENE BRUNDIGE, Volunteer, Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone, Columbus, Ohio


Thanks to a 2012 Peace with Justice grant from the General Board of Church and Society, the Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone is changing the culture of conflict and gang violence.

After a teenager named Luke was convicted of armed robbery, he was released from juvenile detention into the custody of the Rev. Eugene Brundige. A volunteer with the Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone, Brun­dige arranged a meeting between Luke and the store’s owner.

Luke apologized and agreed to pay restitution of $5 per week until the owner’s loss was made whole. A few months later, the owner de­cided to hire Luke.


Eight United Methodist congregations unite with social service, educational and law-enforcement agencies in the Columbus Sha­lom Zone where trained mediators handle a variety of disputes that often involve juveniles like Luke who have had their first brush with the law.


Your donation empowers peacemakers to mediate disputes and pro­mote cooperation through the love of Christ. The Peace with Justice Sunday offering helps youth like Luke get a second chance before it’s too late. Thank you for your generous gift today.

United Methodists relate to this special Sunday by seeking peaceful solutions, creating and supporting peace-related ministries in their conference and learning about peaceful, just efforts around the world.

Please give generously on Peace with Justice Sunday.

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Your Peace with Justice Sunday offering aids disciples, young and old, who are indeed changing lives and changing the world, inspired by Christ’s gospel of love and liberation.

To read additional stories of lives changed by your gifts to the Peace with Justice Sunday offering click here.



To send donations by check, mail to:

P.O. Box 340029
Nashville, TN 37203

NOTE: List the name of the Sunday in the note section of your check.


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Two Ways To Give:



By Mail 

Send donations by check to:

P.O. Box 340029
Nashville, TN 37203

NOTE: List the name of the Sunday in the note section of your check.