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AU's 20th Anniversary Celebrations Finale March 2013

Africa University. supported through gifts to Africa University Fund and second-mile giving from The United Methodist Church is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Below is information about the celebration.

Please save the date and begin making plans to attend the culmination of Africa University’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations from March 22-24, 2013.

Join us in Mutare, Zimbabwe to celebrate the growth and impact of this extraordinary ministry.

We invite you to come and see how United Methodists are transforming Africa through vision, faith and action. Walk the campus. Talk with the students and faculty. Meet graduates who are now leaders in their communities. Share in the excitement and hopefulness that Africa University embodies for Africa, the United Methodist Church and the world.

The event will feature an unforgettable weekend program. You will not want to miss the:

  • One Day Symposium, Concert/Cultural Gala on Friday, March 22;
  • Building Dedications, Special Celebration and Alumni Dinner on Saturday, March 23; and
  • Celebration/Palm Sunday Worship Service in the Kwang Lim Chapel on Sunday, March 24.

Africa University’s pivotal ministry began with consensus among African and worldwide United Methodist Church leaders, life-changing generosity, and 40 students from six countries learning in renovated farm buildings. Today’s reality is a world-class campus and a vibrant community, serving as the anchor for United Methodist-related Higher Education on the continent of Africa.

Educational Opportunities (EO) Tours is Africa University’s group travel partner for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations. Visit for itineraries. You’ll need to click on “Find A Trip” and fill in the box “I Know My Tour Information” as follows: Tour: AF13; Departure Date: 031913; and select “B” from the drop down list, then click on “Search”. Tour options include time at Africa University and sightseeing in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as the Victoria Falls, Hwange and Great Zimbabwe National Parks in Zimbabwe.

See you in Mutare!

— by Fambai Zvakanaka. Safari Njema. (Travel well. Good journey).

Please encourage your leaders and congregations to support the Africa University Fund at 100%. Thank you for your support.

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