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NCC names Crockett AGS of Education and Leadership Ministries

NCC names Crockett AGS of Education and Leadership Ministries

The Rev. Dr. Joseph V. Crockett, director of scholarly projects for the American Bible Society, has been named associate general secretary of the National Council of Churches Education and Leadership Ministries. National Council of Churches is one of the partners supported by the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund.

Dr. Crockett, a United Methodist elder, will maintain both positions by special agreement of the American Bible Society and the NCC. He was elected to the NCC post by the NCC governing board during its meeting in New York.

Dr. Crockett succeeds the Rev. Garland Pierce, who resigned as associate general secretary in 2011 to accept a position as special assistant to the general secretary of the World Council of Churches.

Joseph V. Crockett earned his doctorate degree in Counseling and Human Development from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. Celebrating 30 years of ordination in the United Methodist Church, he has worked as a youth minister, pastor, curriculum and reference book editor, and seminary teacher.

The NCC's Education and Leadership Ministries Commission traces its roots to the formation of the American Sunday School Association in 1824. The Commission's predecessor became a charter member of the International Council of Religious Education in 1922 and was a founding member of the National Council of Churches in 1950.

Throughout its history, the Education and Leadership Ministries Commission has incorporated in its work congregational Christian education, higher education, ministry concerns and biblical translation.

Overall direction for the Education and Leadership Ministries Commission is provided by the Program Commission, representing 27 denominations.

ELMC has 15 program committees working in diverse areas of educational ministry. They represent the work that the denominations do together to support local congregations in educational ministry. The board's committees are working groups that generate materials for church education leaders, plan training events, and provide an ecumenical forum for inter-denominational exchange and planning.

"Joseph Crockett joins the National Council of Churches at a key point in its transformation and reorganization," said Kathryn M. Lohre, NCC president. "The mission of the ELMC is a key component of our history and our future in ecumenical cooperation. We are grateful to have a leader of his background and caliber on our staff team."

The Rev. Dr. Daryl B. Ingram, Executive Director, African Methodist Episcopal Church Department of Christian Education in Nashville, is chair of the Education and Leadership Ministries Commission. The transformation and reorganization of the Council is proceeding under the leadership of Transitional General Secretary Peg Birk.

Dr. Crockett is married to Renée Guy Crockett; the father of two sons and one daughter: John-Thomas, James Weldon and Portia Simone. He resides in White Plains, NY.

— story by Philip E. Jenks, the National Council of Churches website

Please encourage your leaders and congregations to support the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund. apportionment at 100%.

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