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Advance Projects Combat Tragedy of Human Trafficking

The story of Joseph in the book of Genesis is one that began in sorrow. Jealous brothers plotted to kill Joseph, who was saved from death when his brothers decided instead to sell him into slavery. After a time, Joseph began to make a living in Egypt, only to have his boss' wife make advances toward him. When Joseph refused, the woman made false allegations against Joseph and had him thrown in prison.

God was with Joseph, though, and soon he earned his release from prison and took his place at Pharaoh's right hand. Joseph's vision allowed Egypt to prosper during famine, and when his starving brothers came to Egypt for food, Joseph forgave their betrayal and his family was reunited.

Joseph was a victim of human trafficking, which still occurs today. Unlike the story of Joseph, though, most accounts of human trafficking do not have happy endings.

The face of a victim of human trafficking is usually that of a young woman or child. Some are forced to work in factories, but most are forced into prostitution. The promises of a free life in a prosperous land are lies that rob the victims of human trafficking of their health, hope, and spirit.

In response to efforts by The United Methodist Church and other denominations, governments around the world have taken action to end the practice of human trafficking. Government action isn’t enough, though. Through The Advance, mission projects are taking place that restore shattered lives, and raise awareness to prevent whole lives from being broken in the first place.

January was Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In this season of the Epiphany, your support of anti-human trafficking projects through The Advance can make the difference in someone's life. Advance #333615 is a global effort to stop human trafficking before it occurs, while Advance #3021031 and Advance #137380 provide refuge and counseling for women and children who have suffered from this evil. There are more projects, all of which work to end this exploitation.

As always, 100 percent of your gift to mission through The Advance goes to the designation of your choice. Your support makes a difference.

--David Webb, The Advance at the GBGM

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