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Advance: Missionary appreciates ‘everyday persons’ - Apr. '09

Missionary Appreciates 'everyday persons'  - Apr. '09

Missionary Robert Amundsen Jr., his wife Shirley and son Jordyn moved to Thousandsticks, Ky., at Christmas time 2008. Thousandsticks United Methodist Church,” he noted, “is mission-minded and mission-oriented. The church operates a community store, where items sell for no more than 50 cents. We have become active in the community as well as in our county seat.”

The “20/20” TV story on the children of Appalachia, he continued, “was recorded in our area. The young man who played football in the story now attends Union, a United Methodist college, thanks to the outpouring of United Methodists. The work of Thousandsticks UMC and the Red Bird Missionary Conference is vital to this region. When the economy is down, we see ourselves as a bright hope for the future in carrying out the work of Christ. We see the need but go beyond trying to put a Band-Aid on it or helping at the initial level.”

A pastor friend recently told Amundsen, “The people who know about us are the everyday persons willing to give that with which God has blessed them.”

“We, as a missionary conference,” Amundsen said, “are feeling the effects of our economy, and we ask you either to continue to partner with us in ministry or to become a partner in ministry with us. We are not asking just for financial commitments, which we need desperately, but also for physical, hands-on work and prayer.

“As we begin our new ministry here at Thousandsticks, we go into it, led by God through the Holy Spirit so we may continue to bring others to know Jesus Christ. We look forward to the new challenges that lay before us. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue to work for Christ here in the heart of Appalachia.”

To help support Amundsen's ministry, please click on the following link: Advance #773737-5.

--Adapted from Salt and Light, an e-newsletter of the Florida Conference

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