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PWJS: Brewing Justice, Eco Tree - May 2010

FUMC purchases Equal Exchange Coffee for all church uses. This set-up is located in their Sunday Welcome Center

FUMC of Laredo has undertaken a project to save the planet one cup at a time. FUMC of Laredo is committed to becoming stewards of all temporal things related to the church, recognizing that in this economically challenged time we must conserve our monies in any way possible, and it is our responsibility to seek the meaning of the Gospel in all issues that divide people and threaten the growth of the world community.

We had previously installed two dishwashers in our kitchen and purchased dinnerware to serve 100 persons. We are avoiding purchasing Styrofoam or paper/disposable products and instead have started to convert to durable dinnerware for all church functions involving a meal. This is a slow process because it means changing attitudes and getting rid of all products previously purchased. These will be gathered up and placed in storage for emergency use with the approval of the Administrative Council.

Our stewardship efforts now dictate that we provide a Brewing Justice. We previously brewed thirty cups of coffee each Sunday and discarded up to ten or more cups each time. We conducted a survey to see how many people in the congregation would prefer decafe coffee. We purchased three small coffee pots that automatically cut off when not in use

An Ecco Trees located in the Welcome Center at First UMC, Laredo.

through a donation made for this purpose and now brew coffee for all uses so that it is fresh, We added Decafe coffee also. This has actually provided a decrease in the amount of coffee brewed and discarded.

We have also created a new place to enjoy fellowship and a cup of brew which also houses our new “Welcome Center”. It is more conducive to relaxation and mediation if desired.

The Brewing Justice Eco Tree will be a wooden structure to hold coffee mugs with individual names remains pending since the gentleman who will be building the tree has been on vacation but will returned on the 16th and will begin the work right away.. The cups will be donated by congregation members, plus 10 for guests. We are in hopes that this Eco Tree to house crockery will eliminate the paper/Styrofoam disposables.

Please give generously. You can give anytime during the year. Make check payable to your local church and note “Peace With Justice Offering or give onlince, click here. ”Your gift offers The United Methodist Church a voice in advocating for peace and justice at home and around the world. Open the door to Justice. To get involved, you can contact the Peace with Justice Coordinator in your annual conference. Together, we can work together for a faithful and loving world for all and bring hope for our future.

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