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Interdenominational Cooperation Fund FAQ

What is the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund?
The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund is one of seven apportioned funds of The United Methodist Church. The fund enables United Methodists to share a presence and a voice in the activities of several national and worldwide ecumenical organizations. It provides the United Methodist share of the basic budgets of these organizations.

What organizations does the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund support?
The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund supports an array of important ministries operating through various ecumenical bodies:

How does The United Methodist Church distribute the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund receipts?
The Council of Bishops recommends to the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) the amounts of the several annual allocations from the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund budget. The council recommends to the General Conference the amounts to be included in the annual Interdenominational Cooperation Fund budget.

The Council of Bishops determines annually the designations of all funds for ecumenical agencies to pay from the following year’s Interdenominational Cooperation Fund budget that the prior General Conference has not designated specifically. The Council of Bishops communicates such designations to the GCFA prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. The GCFA then disburse funds to each recipient in accordance with such designations during that fiscal year to the extent funds are available.

The fund shall also provide for the expenses of representative chosen by the Council of Bishops to attend meetings and committees of such ecumenical agencies.

The GCFA remits monthly to each organization included in the approved Interdenominational Cooperation Fund budget an on-ratio share of the fund’s net receipts, after paying any fixed charges.

What does it mean to be ecumenical?
Being ecumenical means building relationships with other Christian faiths around the world.

Does the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund aim to convert people who practice other religions?
No, the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund does not aim to convert people of other religions. The fund seeks to support ecumenical efforts with other Christian faiths to renew Christian unity and understanding and to advocate for global peace and justice.

Can I give to the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund online?
You cannot give online to the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund. We hope to offer online giving to the apportioned funds in the future. Please encourage your leaders and congregations to support the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund apportionment at 100%.

How can I obtain Interdenominational Cooperation Fund promotional resources?
Order free print materials online here or call toll free, 888-346-3862. Find downloadable resources and videos here.

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