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UMCOR Sunday Children’s Sermon: Walk Humbly

"And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."  - Micah 6:8, NIV

This sermon focuses on a different aspect of Micah 6:8. You may want to use this in Sunday school classes or as part of worship, depending on your church’s needs. The lesson should take place on the day that the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering is celebrated.


  • Balloon
  • Basket or container for the sock banks

Welcome back! This is our last week to talk about Micah 6:8.

Ask: Does anyone remember what we talked about the last two weeks on our “to do” list from God? (act justly and love mercy)

Say: Let me read the verse to you again this week. (Read Micah 6:8.)

Ask: What do you think we’re going to talk about today? (Walk humbly)

Say: We sure are! But before we begin, I want to tell you all the great things I did this week. (Really boast about every good thing you did. For each thing you say, for blow one breath into the balloon until it is really full—almost to bursting.)

Ask: What do you think would happen if I kept going? (The balloon would pop.)

Say: Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. A balloon needs air to look like a balloon, but too much air and it will burst.

I bet listening to my list of all the things I did this week was a bit boring for you. Sometimes we are like this balloon we get puffed up and proud of all the good things we are doing that we forget that it’s God who is beside us helping us all along the way.

Now, the last item on our “to do” list from God is “walk humbly.”

Ask: Why do you think God reminds us to do that?

Say: I know I can forget that I’m walking with God sometimes. When we remember that God is beside me guiding me through every day, I can be happy that I am doing good things, but I don’t get overly proud or boastful because I know God is helping me.

And now we are going to do something to help someone else.

Ask: Did you bring your socks with the coins you collected?
Say: I wanted you to collect your offering in these socks to help you remember that we need to walk humbly with God every day and in everything that we do. Let’s all put our offering into this, now.

The special offering we are taking up today will go to UMCOR – an organization in the church that helps all kinds of people in need around the world. They help children go to school and parents to grow good food. They help people who have lost their homes to storms and earthquakes to rebuild. The do a lot of good things and today’s offering will help them to continue.

Dear God, thank you for walking with us and helping us always. Forgive us when we forget that we are walking with you and when we become too proud or boastful. Help us, God, to live the way your want us to live. We pray also for this offering that it will help people in need. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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