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What is Ecumenical?

The word Ecumenical stems from the Greek word which means “the world.” Therefore, being ecumenical means building relationships with other Christian religions and denominations.

To be ecumenical means to continually pray for unity of the church. This means being inclusive of all races, gender, creed and nationality and turning no one away. Ecumenicalism is a central part of the General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (GCCUIC). GCCUIC is financially supported by the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund (ICF).

The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund helps support the ecumenical efforts of GCCUIC in the United States and around the globe. We United Methodists acknowledge that we are but a small part of the worldwide Christian church and our unity with other Christian communions is furthered when we witness to a common Christian faith.

Your faithful support to the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund is essential to continuing the ecumenical efforts in the United States and around the world. Together, we can make a difference and continue to be ecumenical.

To learn more about the General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, please visit their website.


Organizations Supported by ICF

Interdenominational Cooperation Fund (ICF): ‘That they may all be one’

John 17 summarizes the ministry of the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund. Because of your local church’s generous support of this important apportioned fund, United Methodists work with other communities of faith through five organizations.

Since 1950, the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC) has been the leading force for ecumenical cooperation among Christians in the United States. Member faith groups — from Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Evangelical, historic African American and Living Peace churches — include 45 million persons in more than 100,000 local congregations.

Within the United States, persons believe in different ideas, gods, idols and sometimes nothing at all. How do we all come together and commune as one? This is a task of the Interfaith Relations Commission which is part of the National Council of Churches in the United States.

The Commission provides resources for Christians on how to live around people of other faiths, especially those of non-Christian faiths such as Muslims, Pagans and Buddhists. The National Council of Churches in the United States is financially supported through the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, one of the seven apportioned funds of The United Methodist Church.

When you give faithfully to the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, you ensure that ministries such as the Interfaith Relations Commission can continue to strengthen our members and teach them to resist the influences of other world religions. Your Interdenominational Cooperation Fund gifts enable The United Methodist Church to share the love of Jesus Christ and to be in mission around the world.

Healing wounds resulting from past divisions and strengthening witness in the global community are the goals of the Pan-Methodist Commission. The agency strives to foster meaningful cooperation among four Methodist denominations: African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and The United Methodist Church.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) joins more than 340 churches, denominations and church fellowships in close to 150 countries and territories throughout the world, representing some 590 million Christians and including most of the world's Orthodox churches, scores of denominations from historic traditions of the Protestant Reformation, as well as many united and independent churches.

Your Interdenominational Cooperation Fund gifts enable The United Methodist Church to share the love of Jesus Christ and to be in mission around the world.

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