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Africa is a continent rich with natural resources but echoes of colonialism continue to keep the people of Africa facing exploitation and oppression.

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While we are reflecting upon the goals, resolutions, failures and successes of the year, the church begins waiting for the coming of Christ to Earth. 

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In John Wesley’s sermon on the Means of Grace, he asks the question, “How shall we wait?”

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One of the ways that young people take action in The United Methodist Church is through the Youth Service Fund.

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God sent a defenseless, dependent child to an incredibly humble beginning. Yet this small baby, like so many other small babies, was a symbol of hope.

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The church is to be about the business of the Good News, for all people.

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All Saints’ Day is Nov.1 each year. Many United Methodist congregations observe All Saints’ Day on the first Sunday in November.

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We celebrate all the ways that Native Americans contribute to our country, culture and churches.

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We will celebrate United Methodist Student Day on Nov. 26.

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Today is United Methodist Student Day, a day when we celebrate the generosity and commitment of The United Methodist Church.

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