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The Episcopal Fund
Pays bishops’ salaries, covers their office and travel expenses and provides their pension and health-benefit coverage.

Episcopal Fund Mission Moments and More Video

When you hear “The Episcopal Fund,” what comes to mind? Do you think them—that’s the church across town—or do you think us?

The Episcopal Fund is, in every way, for us!

Episcopal is derived from the New Testament Greek “episkopos,” which the book of Acts and several of the pastoral letters use to indicate someone who’s an overseer of a Christian church. This is the person who’s charged with the duty of seeing that the work being done by others is done properly—and that’s exactly what our bishops do as they shepherd the life and ministry of our congregations.

Your bishop, and others around the globe, are hard at work for The United Methodist Church. Bishops prayerfully determine pastoral appointments. They counsel with pastors and encourage congregations. Our bishops not only lead in the connectional ministry of the church, but you will also find them on the forefront of world issues encouraging secular leaders to incorporate faith into their decision making.

Promoting Christ’s Ministry In The World Today

The bishops serving The United Methodist Church today are ensuring that the ministry of Jesus Christ is being carried out by the church.

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey is supporting the disaster relief efforts of the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Bishop Michael Coyner is leading an endowment and scholarship campaign for Africa University. Bishop Will Willimon is inspiring and equipping pastors to be biblical preachers.

The Episcopal Fund is what supports our bishops as they support The United Methodist Church.

Support Our Overseers

Your support, through your congregation’s faithful giving, is what makes the shepherding ministry of our bishops possible. It’s how we’re about to serve together as Christ’s body in the world.

Today the bishops of The United Methodist Church are providing spiritual leadership to more than 12.4 million persons in a broad range of settings on four continents, including North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

We’re Working Together

The relationship between bishops and members of The United Methodist Church is a reciprocal one—our bishops serve the church and your contribution to The Episcopal Fund makes their crucial ministry possible.

Read stories about the impact you are making with your gifts.

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