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Allexis Willcox … excited to answer God’s call completely
Allexis Willcox, a student at Duke Divinity, received the United Methodist Ministerial Education Fund Scholarship.
"She believes in the power of Jesus and the gospel to change the world"

For Allexis Willcox, ministry is the opportunity to participate in God’s great work and to enable, inspire and lead others to do the same. She believes in the power of Jesus and the gospel to change the world, give hope to the hopeless and uplift the hurting and broken. As she prepares for ordination, the United Methodist Ministerial Education Fund gives her the chance to focus so that she can heed God’s call. Without this support, Allexis says she would be concerned constantly about loans, debt and making ends meet – distractions from the work she knows Christ will do in her throughout seminary career. Because of your giving to the Ministerial Education Fund, Allexis can respond to God’s call wholeheartedly.

Growing up Roman Catholic, Allexis says she always knew that God was real, but she wanted more from her faith. During her first year of high school, a friend invited her to a United Methodist youth group. Through these youth, she realized the magnitude of grace and a personal relationship with Jesus. Later, she served on the Florida Conference Connection on Youth Ministry board, where she came more fully to understand God’s mission.

As she participated on the board, she began to feel God leading her to think about ministry. In her prayers, she wrestled with what ordination would mean. Is that what God really wanted for her? First, she thought that God was drawing her to youth ministry, but more and more, she felt God leading her toward local church ministry as an elder. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, her Catholic mother, not knowing that Allexis had been praying about this, said, "Allexis, you need to be the pastor of the whole church. That's what you need to do with your life." Ever since, Allexis has felt the wind of the Spirit blowing her in this direction.

Initially Allexis was attracted to The United Methodist Church because it did not see her “as less” because she is a woman. She is excited to find a place where she can answer God's call completely, to the best of her ability. She is eager to learn more about the grace, love and strength of The United Methodist Church and how, through it, she can help others know and serve God.

A certified candidate for ministry in the Florida Conference, Allexis is headed toward Duke Divinity School. She chose Duke because of its emphasis on local church ministry and its strong commitment to community involvement. Currently, Allexis serves at Friendship United Methodist Church in Newton, North Carolina. As an intern, she is getting experience preaching, teaching and visiting. After seminary, she hopes to be appointed to a local church in the Florida Conference. For her, there will be no place beyond her reach, no cause beyond her concern and no person beyond her compassion.

Allexis thanks you for your support of the Ministerial Education Fund.

One of seven apportioned giving opportunities of The United Methodist Church, the Ministerial Education Fund is at the heart of preparing people for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The 13 United Methodist seminaries help students to discover their calling through the challenging curriculum. The fund enables the church to increase financial support for recruiting and educating ordained and diaconal ministers and to equip annual conferences to meet increased demands. Please encourage your leaders and congregations to support the Ministerial Education Fund apportionment at 100 percent.

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